Finding a pure and intuitive design language for beauty tech.

Cantabile is a motorized applicator that enables convenient and flawless application of beauty products from makeup to skincare serums and everything in between. Its specially designed interchangeable silicone puff efficiently applies beauty products through micro vibrations that allow the skin to effectively and evenly absorb the product. And with its light therapy LED array, Cantabile is a modern solution to effortlessly efficient beauty care.

Working with Mimos, we designed and refined Cantabile’s aesthetics, usability, and functionality. The result is a product that sets a new standard for automatic applicators at an early growth stage of the beauty tech market.




Product Design
Engineering Support




Intuitively approachable, yet simply iconic.

Geometrically iconic shape finished in a luxurious mirror polish, Cantabile communicates a sense of purity and cleanliness. Its electroplated chrome reflects the colors of its environment. Whether it’s reflecting the warm sunlight in your morning skincare routine or the cool shadows as you prepare for a night out, Cantabile is a luxurious accessory with functional precision.

The compact design with a friction-based protective cap is comfortable to handle and effortless to use. And the dedicated magnetically interchangeable silicone puff design effectively holds just the right amount of any cosmetic product. Design details such as the magnetic charging dock and the elegantly curved power button gives a premium user experience.



Perfecting ergonomics and usability through rapid iterations.

In collaboration with the engineering team at Mimos, we went through quick prototyping rounds in order to refine the tactile feel of Cantabile. The machined prototypes were crucial for a product that has such a close physical relationship with the user. And directly supporting the 3D CAD engineering revisions helped to execute all of the design details accurately during the fine-tuning of the internal components layout.