Creating the design language of a natural hand interface VR controller that takes digital interaction’s precision to the next level.

Technological growth and interest in the field of consumer Virtual Reality is rising faster than ever, and the means of physically interacting with VR content has yet to ripen. Zerokey is a startup based in Canada developing a special technology that enables millimeter-level digital interaction using the most intuitive tool a human has: your fingers.

We worked with Zerokey in bringing life to their technology through design of the Zerokey Glove. The main goal was to develop the design language of the VR Glove that would reflect its technological prowess.

Zerokey Glove’s design is a complex technology expressed in refined forms and ergonomic materials. Its monochromatic dark color scheme is professional and sincere, while small design elements hint at its technological achievement.

Product design


Simplified aesthetics and usability with hints of powerful technology.

Zerokey Glove is made of highly breathable and unobtrusive microfiber cloth material for comfort, even during long periods of use. Inside the cloth are small hidden sensors detecting every finger’s movements. The glove can be put on simply by wrapping the long wrist strap around the wrist and fastened via velcro.

The eye-catching blue fibers are conductive, acting as electrical wires for the sensors that feed into the main module. The accent color gives life to the sense of intricate technology housed in the clean design.

The main module on top of the hand is made of durable and lightweight plastic in matte finish. The smooth yet sleek form hints at its high performance.